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Are You Sick of Being Sick?
If you are here it’s because you are probably desperately searching for answers to your health problems. Perhaps you are feeling tired all of the time. Mabe your hair is falling out for no apparent reason, or your digestion is totally whacked out and no one can seem to help you. Whatever the case is, traditional resources are failing to help.

You my friend, are having to be a  health warrior for yourself or a loved one. For that, I applaud you and want to empower you on your journey. Many of you have probably been told there is nothing else that can be done and you have to live with your failing body and have a lower quality of life. This is indeed not true. This fallacy has been told to  many people because our current healthcare is based on disease management with drugs and not getting to the root of the problem. I have been here and struggled for years with strange debilitating symptoms (read my story here) but then I found functional medicine which changed my life. Now I want to share this powerful information with you.

What makes functional medicine so powerful is it is able to get to the root cause of your symptoms.  Conventional medicine looks at the symptoms and can offer solutions to mask the symptoms. Let’s take migranes for example. In this case traditional medicine says take a tryptan which will constrict your blood vessels to stop the migraine, but it does not actually get to the root cause of the migraines. In reality, migraines are often caused by food sensitivities, vitamin B deficiency, lack of magnesium and even hormone imbalances. With functional medicine tests, these triggers can be identified and solved once and for all. 

An allergy specialist is going to prick your skin and say you don’t have any food allergies because you don’t have an anaphalxis response. A functional doctor likely would run a food sensitivity test, figure out the offending foods causing inflammation and the majority of times, this solves the problem


So why does your GP not know this information? Well that’s a whole other topic for a blog post, but it stems back to when Henry T Ford started investing in drug companies in the early 1900’s. As a result, he had a major hand in changing medicine textbooks and changing the way med students were taught. So I want to empower you.

On this site, you are going to find a comprehensive overview of the type of lab tests available to you as a patient (though you will have to find a functional doctor to get these). This is the most important starting point because if you don’t know what is going on in the body, any treatments you may undertake are purely guesses. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and money. 

By knowing the type of tests, you can be educated when talking with a functional doctor, but also have your mindset prepared as some of these tests can be expensive so you can budget for them without having the cost sprang on you. 

Don’t wait until your health has become so bad that your quality of life so low that you are no longer the same person. If you are there right now, that’s ok, there’s hope for you. And if you are healthy, keep reading because there are many preventative tests that can help you stay healthy and pick up potential health issues before they begin.

Check out the lab section to see what labs are available, how they can help you figure out what is going on in your body.

Lab testing may cause some of you to shudder because you have been to your GP multiple times with unresolved symptoms, but your blood test was ‘fine’ according to your GP.

Throughout my journey, lab testing/supplements was a large portion of my healing but it wasn’t the whole part. I have worked with energy workers and medical mediums. Trust me, when I started on this journey, I did believe in energy healers and intuitives, but when I was exhausted, feel crappy and not getting answers, I was willing to try anything . 

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