Lactose free and gluten freeSo you feel pretty good, but want to optimize your health. Gluten and dairy don’t seem to cause obvious problems, but you’ve read it might be a good idea? Need some motivation to help you give us the delicious cheese and soft fluffy bread?

Well, I’m here to help you with that. The reason to give up gluten and dairy is they both cause high amounts of inflammation in the body. The problem with inflammation is multi-factorial. Inflammation can be the reason behind your joint pain or why you can’t get rid of the pesky skin rash that seemed to develop out of nowhere. More importantly, high levels of inflammation over time can lead to autoimmune problems.

Wheat in North America is all genetically modified and has never been tested for human consumption.  The wheat is modified to make it more hardy for cold weather and to resist pests , but this means its much harder to digest. The other crazy part is GMO wheat has been modified to contain a toxin that is activated when Round Up pesticide is sprayed on the wheat (Round Up Ready Wheat). This process was developed by Monsanto, which is a company that clearly has no conscious, but that is for discussion another day.

A lot of people e who can’t eat wheat in North America can eat bread and pasta when they go to Europe. This is because Europe has banned GMO wheat and still use and still use original strand wheat is much easier to digest.

Wheat is horrible for my body and when I cut it out, my gas and bloating stopped immediately. Although I was tested for celiac diesease, I wasn’t eating gluten the 3 weeks prior as suggested because gluten makes me too sick and so never did get a definitive answer. In addition to the bloating, I had horrible cramping and fatigue. I suspect that I have intestinal lining damage because my body doesn’t absorb nutrients well. How I know this is I started vitamin IV’s I started to regain my energy and when I did, my hair started growing again and my overall health improved including my skin.  Shortly thereafter I cut out dairy as well which seemed daunting because I loved cheese, who doesn’t. Again I noticed an improvement in my skin in terms of breakouts, but also less gas. Now my body has a violent reaction to milk. One time I was given a latte at Starbucks and instead of soy (which is also not good for your body, this is another discussion), there was milk which I didn’t realize. I chugged the coffee and was violently vomiting in the streets for 30 minutes. Like a lot of people who go dairy free, your body has a hard time handling it after. That said, I will still have cheese on a gluten-free pizza as an indulgence every now and again but I’ll take with enzymes.

Dairy is acidic (our body should be alkaline) and causes high levels of mucous. If you wake up stuffed up, cut out dairy. Also if you have eczema, the problem is rarely solved by a cream, usually dairy is the culprit.

A good way to determine what other foods you should cut out is to do an IgG test which will show what other foods are causing inflammation. This will reduce the stress on your liver and has been proven to help with migraines, weight loss, and even IBS. See digestive health for more information.