For anyone who struggles with digestion, leads a stressful life or has a chronic disease, IV therapy can provide many benefits. When vitamins or food is digested, it must be absorbed and converted in the liver. With IV’s, this process can be bi-passed and high dose vitamins and anti-oxidant can be administered.

The following are the types of IV’s currently available on the market and the benefits they provide:
  • Myers Cocktail – this is an IV, anyone who is stressed, parties hard or just wants a boost. Alcohol and stress deplete our bodies of Vitamin B and magnesium. The Myer’s cocktail replaces these as well as zinc and Vitamin C which boosts our immune systems and in general function better.
  • Amino acid/protein IV – for anyone who has problems absorbing nutrients ie) celiac, IBS, Crohns/Colitis etc, this is a great IV as it gives your body the basic building blocks necessary to ‘power’ your body and cells.
  • Alpha lipoic Acid IV – ALA is an anti-oxidant which helps the liver detox, increases glutathione and helps with free radicals. ALA can be used for patients struggling with cancer, liver disease, and neuropathy.
  • Vitamin C –high dose vitamin C IV’s are great for boosting the immune system. They are a mainstay in cancer treatment but are also super useful for keeping your immune system strong during times when you are not in your usual routine ie) traveling, drinking more than usual or if you have an infection or even gout, Vit C IV’s will reduce inflammation and heal the body more quickly
  • NAD – NAD is new to the mainstay treatments. Originally developed in South Africa for helping with addictions, NAD is now being used for chronic fatigue as well as to increase mental sharpness. For those working in tech, investment banking etc, NAD can provide long, more focused mental clarity and provide the healthy edge needed. For chronic fatigue, NAD helps reset the body on a cellular level and people can notice and the extremely positive difference in energy.
  • Phosphatidylcholine IV – every cell in your body is encapsulated with phosphatidylcholine. As we age or develop the illness. Phospholipids help our cells stay healthy and help with mitochondrial function (energy production). A lot of illnesses are related to mitochondrial dysfunction (that will be another article) as well helps the gut lining stay healthy. PC is also incredibly important in protecting the gut lining. As a result, PC IV’s can help with Crohns and colitis.
  • PolyMVA IV – this is a proprietary blend that is composed of ALA, Vitamin B, NAC and other ingredients. PolyMVA is very useful in treating cancer as well as reducing inflammation with autoimmune diseases.

IV Therapy