We have been taught to believe that doctors know best and know more than we do. What that does is silences our intuition. Ask any mother who can sense that something is wrong with her child, even if the doctor is saying the child is fine, the mom will keep fighting because she senses intuitively that something is off.

This is not to say that we should not have a collaborative partnership, but the cliche is true, answers are found inside ourselves. It’s a matter of being silent to hear them. 

We are all built with an intuition, for some it’s stronger than others, but we can all tap in. By sitting silently and working to slow down the chatter in our head and listen to the wisdom our inner knowing gives us, can provide us with what direction we should take. Things that may come up may be limiting beliefs, fear and unprocessed emotion which would never show up on a test.

Now many people will say, I can’t meditate. Sure it’s challenging in the beginning, but so is learning any new skill. If you went  skiing for the first time, your muscles and balance and adapting to being on skis. Learning to navigate the mountain is a challenge, what does it feel like to hit an icy patch, how is powder different than packed snow. As you practice, it becomes second nature and you can glide down the mountain. 

Meditation is like this. At first it’s hard to not let thoughts get in your way. This can be frustrating and can feel defeating. Like skiing, if you gave up on the bunny hill, you would never experience coming down the long runs from the top of the mountain.

I found it useful to go to guided meditations to learn the proper position and why it was important. Also when someone is guiding you, it’s easier to turn off thought. Whether you go to a group or choose to play a downloaded Youtube meditation, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is consistency. Meditation is like plugging ourselves into the universal consciousness where information is stored. This is a very real grid but that is for another discussion. 

What’s important is the consistency in our meditation practice (it’s called practice for a reason, some days are better than others). We can become disconnected from our higher self through a variety of ways that include living in a fear based mentality, alcohol, being ungrounded, stress etc.

When we plug into, we step into our flow which is necessary to live our path. This is also how we manifest what we want. If you feel like you are always pushing a boulder uphill to get what you want or just survive, that is a clear indicator that you not living in the flow. Perhaps you stopped after a trauma or you tried to achieve certain goals like finding a partner and failed and decided that love isn’t for you. This could be due to an energetic blockage or limiting belief.  Here is why energy work and meditation come in handy. Meditation helps your chakra’s stay open and aligned ie) flowing and working with an energy healer can help you get to the bottom of why something is not flowing in your life ie) money, love, career etc. As you get stronger in meditation, you can start to work through limiting beliefs and blockages on your own. 

So if you are reading this going what the hell does this have to do with my autoimmune condition. Well the answer is simple, meditation can help guide you to what foods YOUR body wants, what you should stay away from, are there any other modalities or treatments that your body can benefit from, is there something going on deeper that you need to know about?