Why and What Functional Lab Tests You Should Do

Lab testing may cause some of you to shudder because you have had your bloodwork ran multiple times, but your test always comes back ‘fine’ according to your GP. If you were lucky you may have been given a catch all diagnosis like IBS and your doc sent you on your way. This is all too common. It’s not that GP’s don’t want to help. In fact I think their job is extremely challenging because they haven’t been equipped with the tools to treat autoimmune illness’, chronic and autoimmune diseases.


For a second opinion, you may have seen a naturopath and left with a grocery bag full of supplements but no real answers either. When this has happened to me, my compliance level has gone down. I’m a person that needs to understand the “WHY” to everything I’m doing. Trust me, I have done some weird stuff over the years to get symptom relief, but always there was a reason behind it. I’m not saying you won’t need a bag of supplements to fix your problem, but at least with a lab test, you can look at the hard numbers to remind yourself why you are doing this. And more importantly, if you need a bag of supplements, that is an indication that something else bigger is an issue. In my case, after running an organic acids test, I realized I needed CoQ10, pre-cursors in my diet to help my body produce neurotransmitters, proteins, amino acids, really all of the building blocks. So I was taking more supplements than I could count. But, why was my body so low in everything?? It’s because I wasn’t absorbing anything!!

Anyhow, back to functional lab tests (Also a disclaimer, I started  working for a functional lab after I had such great results with lab tests and IV treatments. That said I speak about multiple labs and this information is all of my PERSONAL OPINION and not necessarily that of my employers).


Functional tests look at the body from a different perspective than a GP would. This allows to really see what is going on in the body. With hard numbers/results in black in white, you can really figure out a treatment plan. These tests can be expensive at $200-$400 a pop, but let’s be honest, you go for a nice dinner and order a bottle of wine and it’s easily $200.  The beautiful part is you get answers to what is going on and can start to have a road map on how to fix your health. 


Below you can learn more about the type of functional tests available to you as a consumer.


Toxic Load/Detox
Hormone Health

Don’t wait until your health has become so bad that your quality of life so low that you are no longer the same person. If you are there right now, that’s ok, there’s hope for you. And if you are healthy, keep reading because there are many preventative tests that can help you stay healthy and pick up potential health issues before they begin.

Pam Purnell

Health Ambassador