Hormones – why are they so important?

Ever wonder what the big deal about hormones is? We all learned that hormones are chemical messengers but what does that even mean and what do they actually do? Well, hormones determine to control your organs and glands and determine your mood, behavior, digestion, fertility, overall health, almost everything. When our hormones are imbalanced, it’s not just libido/fertility that is affected. Things like thinning hair, low mood, and even digestion are affected by hormonal imbalances.

To determine if there is a hormone imbalance, there are two types of functional testing including saliva and urine testing. Note blood is not an accurate measurement of hormones so if you have had a hormone blood test and the results are ‘fine’, have one of the following tests done.

  1. Urine Steroid (Dutch testing): are your hormones out of whack? Do you have weird symptoms related to your cycle, hot flashes, tender breasts, excess facial hair or memory lapses. If you are a man have you lost your libido or competitive spirit? Urine Hormone testing can get to the root of what is going on behind the scenes and is much more accurate than blood and provides a more complete picture compared to saliva testing.  Saliva testing became popular in the 90’s when Oprah talked about it and at the time was revolutionary but it’s limited because it only shows the hormone and not the components that make up the hormone. Now with urine testing, it’s possible to see the hormone and all of the metabolites that make up each hormone. This is important to know because depending on what the metabolites are doing, will depend on what course of treatment you take. Both men and women suffer from hormone imbalances and can benefit from this testing.

Urine steroid testing will cost between $400-$600 depending on the test you choose.

2.  Saliva Testing: saliva is valuable in two areas. One if you are currently supplementing with hormones, its good to have your levels checked on a regular basis through saliva testing. Two: if you are having fertility issues, you can use a month long test to track ovulation. This test is also useful for irregular symptoms during the cycle ie) usual  bleeding, mood changes etc.

The month long hormone assessment will cost approximately $400-$500.

Interested in learning what other tests, would be useful in conjunction with hormone testing to determine your overall health? Check out the digestive health as a healthy gut is key to a healthy hormone balance. Did you know that 90% of your serotonin is made in the gut? Pretty mind blowing right!