Lab testing may cause some of you to shudder because you have been to your GP multiple times with unresolved symptoms, but your blood test was ‘fine’ according to your GP. If you were lucky you may have been given a catch up diagnosis like IBS and your doc sent you on your way. This is all too common. First I acknowledge that our cartesian model of medicine looks at the each part of the body is a separate entity and does not give credit to the power that inflammation has in our bodies.

You may have gone to a practitioner and left with a grocery bag full of supplements. When this has happened to me, my compliance level goes down. I’m a person that needs to understand the “WHY” to everything I’m doing. You can convince me to do a coffee enema if I understand the rationale and benefits. Trust me, I have done some weird shit over the years to get symptom relief but always there was a reason behind it. I’m not saying you won’t need a bag of supplements to fix your problem, but at least with a lab test, you can look at the hard numbers to remind yourself why you are doing this. And more importantly, if you need a bag of supplements, that is an indication that something else bigger is an issue. In my case, after running an organic acids test, I realized I needed CoQ10, pre-cursors in my diet to help my body produce neurotransmitters, proteins, amino acids, really all of the building blocks. So I was taking more supplements than I could count. But, why was my body so low in everything?? It’s because I wasn’t absorbing? Why?

So back to functional lab tests (Also a disclaimer, I started  working for a functional lab after I had such great results with lab tests and IV treatments. That said I speak about multiple labs and this information is all of my PERSONAL OPINION and not necessarily that of my employers):

Functional tests look at digestion, absortion and inflammation in many different ways: